Daily Returns for 11th Wisconsin

¬†Last summer I had the chance to visit the WSHA and was able to do a lot of photocopying and recording of vital statistics for the regiment. The follow are the “daily returns,” meaning those men who were able to perform their duties and answered roll call.

Daily Returns, 11th Wisconsin Infantry, Wisconsin State Historical Archives

Date Present for Duty Enlisted Total
11/28/62 369 593
12/25/62 353 563
1/25/63 340 529
2/25/63 325 514
3/25/63 358 546
4/27/63 354 545
6/25/63 242 449
7/1/63 238 448
12/31/63 214 376
1/12/65* 300 507

* Between  December 1863 and January 1865 there were no surviving returns for the regiment.

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