Book Update: 4-6 Weeks…

Well good, no great, news… after over a year since I sent the manuscript off to McFarland, The 11th Wisconsin in the Civil War: A Regimental History will be published shortly. I have returned the index and they are working on it now and expect it to go to the printer soon.

Lots of ups and downs throughout this process (which I will get into later, much later), but obviously I am very pleased and honored to be a published history author.  I know that my work is of no great historical accomplishment, but nonetheless I am more than honored to bring to life the hardships and struggles of the men and boys of the 11th Wisconsin Regiment.

I have been published before, but that was in the entertainment industry and it always seemed a little, well, I’ll just say it did not make you feel like you had really accomplished anything.

For now, anyway, those interested in the book look for it to be out soon and thanks for your kind words and well wishes.


About Chris

I am a high school history teacher in Colorado and am finishing my masters in history from APU. My book The 11th Wisconsin in the Civil War: A Regimental History was published by McFarland & Co. in 2008.