Update: 9000 and Counting

milwaukee-daily-sentinel-319.gifWhen I was trying to come up with a guesstimate for how far the 11th Wisconsin traveled I got as high as 12,000, but as I had no source other than my calculation, I was not confident claiming that the regiment perhaps traveled that far. All the trips up and down the Mississippi – 4 from top to bottom, made it plausible that they could have traveled 12,000 miles or more. The regiment historian in 1864 claimed they had “marched over 3000″ miles with their tally around 8000.

In my book I had them around 9000 total, with 3500 or so on the march. Then this past week, I came across this newspaper article stating that as of March 1864, they were at 10000 miles total with 3000 having consisted of marching.

I have checked all the documents I can find in the Wisconsin Archives, National Archives, ect. I have not found an official total. I was probably wrong to say 9000, it might have well been close to 12000 total miles covered by the regiment.

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I am a high school history teacher in Colorado and am finishing my masters in history from APU. My book The 11th Wisconsin in the Civil War: A Regimental History was published by McFarland & Co. in 2008.