Book Updates: 11th Wisconsin in the Civil War

e00bc0a398a0611d4590b110__aa240__l.jpgHello 11th Wisconsin descendants and enquirers! I do not have any updates on how sales are going, but for a regiment history, it seems to be strong. Reviews are starting to come in, and so far so good. Drew at Civil War Books and Authors gave the book high marks commenting, “Wehner writes well, especially in his battle descriptions, integrating first person accounts into his narrative with both well chosen block quotes and a skillful weaving of short excerpts into the main text.”

If you have not, please consider getting your copy as there are some good deals on Amazon.

More updates this week!

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I am a high school history teacher in Colorado and am finishing my masters in history from APU. My book The 11th Wisconsin in the Civil War: A Regimental History was published by McFarland & Co. in 2008.