Book Update: REVIEWS

The book is doing well and continues to get good reviews, here are some of those:

Bret over at TOCWOC noted that, “Wehner’s writing style was very enjoyable and allows readers to become immersed in the story of the regiment. It caters to beginners as well as self-styled experts on the Civil War. The author relies heavily on the letters and diaries of the 11th Wisconsin’s soldiers to tell their own story, just as it should be.” Read Full Review.

Drew at Civil War Books & Authors was also impressed with the book, saying, “Wehner writes well, especially in his battle descriptions, integrating first person accounts into his narrative with both well chosen block quotes and a skillful weaving of short excerpts into the main text.” Read Full Review.

And finally, the Civil War News had this to say about the book, “The 11th Wisconsin is a fine regimental history and will be enjoyed by anyone interested in the Western Theater, especially the Vicksburg and Mobile campaigns.” Read Full Review.

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