121 Copies!

Sorry for my long absence from the 11th Wisconsin blog. I realize that I failed to post the following here, when I did on my main blog. Here it is:

I received my first royalty check from my publisher, McFarland. According to their statement, they have sold 121 copies of The 11th Wisconsin in the Civil War. My first check was far more substantial than I ever thought I would get. As I have said before, like most history authors I wrote this book out of passion for that regiment and my desire to see their story told. Never thought I’d sell more than a few copies. I know, far cry from the history books (authors) that sell thousands of copies, but I was still very pleased and surprised.

About Chris

I am a high school history teacher in Colorado and am finishing my masters in history from APU. My book The 11th Wisconsin in the Civil War: A Regimental History was published by McFarland & Co. in 2008.