Book: The 11th Wisconsin in the Civil War A Regimental History


About the Book
This volume details the Civil War experiences of the 11th Wisconsin Volunteers as they traveled more than 9000 miles in the service of their country. The book looks at the attitude prevalent in Wisconsin at the start of the war and discusses the background of the men who comprised the regiment, 72 percent of whom were farmers. Compiled primarily from the letters and diaries of the men who served in the 11th Wisconsin, the work focuses on the firsthand day-to-day experiences of the common soldier, including rations (or lack thereof), clothing, disease, and, at times, the simple act of waiting. The 11th Wisconsin lost more men to disease than to battle, so their story presents an accurate picture not only of the heroic but also the sometimes humdrum yet perilous existence of the soldier. Appendices provide a list of occupations practiced by the men, dates of muster into service for the regiment’s companies and a copy of a sermon delivered by George Wells after Lee’s surrender in 1865.

About the Author
Christopher C. Wehner is a history teacher in Colorado.


“the powerful story of a regiment from the Wisconsin frontier that saw hard service in the Western Theater. Christopher Wehner has written a deeply researched Civil War narrative”–Lance J. Herdegen, author of The Men Stood Like Iron: How the Iron Brigade Won Its Name

“a first-rate account of a Union regiment that fought in some of the toughest campaigns of the Civil War in the West. Well researched and well written. Highly recommended”–William Shea, co-author of Pea Ridge and Vicksburg Is the Key.

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Christopher Wehner is a Civil War historian with his M.A. in United States history emphasis the American Civil War. He is a published author with two books, numerous journal and digital media media publications to his credit. To contact chris, cwehner -at- soldierstudies .org

8 thoughts on “Book: The 11th Wisconsin in the Civil War A Regimental History

  1. My Great Grandfather was a muscian in the 11th regiment, Wisconsin during the Civil War. His name was Horace N. Polley, he was in Company H and enlisted in 1861. Hoping to ger a copy of your book! Am also a high school history teacher. Am doing background research.

  2. My great grandfather was Lindsey S. Brown who served in Company C. I have his diaries from 1859-1866. To my knowledge no one has seen them except the family. I hope to transcribe them but need some help. They were written in pencil. Inspired by what he experienced in the war, he went to school and became an eye doctor in Madison.

  3. I am ordering your book right away. My great grandmother’s brother served in this regiment and died of disease. If I read the book, I might just understand the circumstances of his death. I am also seeking information on his brother and my great grandfather who both died from illness in other regiments.

  4. Hi Chris, I just ordered your book on Amazon so I’ll have it in a couple of days. I’m excited to read about what my Great-Great-Grandfather went through. He was a Private in company G and died in Mobile on August 9, 1865. I’m am pretty sure he never met my Great-Grandmother since she was born less than a year before he died. He would have been lost to our family if she had not retained his last name when her mother remarried. Now I have photographed his headstone in the National Cemetery in Mobile and have even traced his arrival in the US from Germany. Thanks for doing the research to put this book together. Did you have a relative in this regiment? Any plans on making this a Kindle eBook?

  5. Mr. Wehner,

    Purchased your book, The 11th Wisconsin in the Civil War, and I have really enjoyed reading it. Well done! I am researching the Battle of Big Black River Bridge (Vicksburg Campaign, 1863). On page 99 (Chapter 8) of your book you quote a soldier from the 21st Arkansas in regards to Lawler’s (11th Wisconsin’s) attack. The qoute (and paragraph) is cited as endnote 19. However, I’m having difficulty locating the quote’s source. Could you direct me to the source of the Arkansas soldier’s quote? It would help me in my research as I’m having difficulty finding accounts of the battle from Green’s Arkansas men who fought there. Thank you so much and congratulations on a well written book!

  6. On September 18,2003 I found the F.W.Heine diaries in the display case of Milwaukee County Historical Society.These are the only known narrative of a panorama company, that of WILLIAM WEHNER (1847-1928) of Chicago/Milwaukee who from 1885-88 produced 2 units of BATTLE OF ATLANTA, 2 units of MISSIONARY RIDGE & LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN and 3 units of JERUSALEM ON THE DAY OF THE CRUCIFIXION.The diaries needed to be transcribed in German, translated to English, scanned to computer. Michael Kutzer, born 1941 in Leipzig like Heine, is transcriber of the project[]In 1883-4 William Wehner and his brother in law Hermann RENDTORFF, (1843-1918),their wives and young Ida Wehner went to Europe for 13 months to learn the panorama business. They returned with Louis Braun’s BATTLE OF SEDAN, which had been on exhibit at Frankfurt am Main, and brought it to The World’s Industrial & Cotton Centennial Exposition at New Orleans 1884-85. Hermann Rendtorff served with Company D, Ninth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry.INFO TO SHARE Gene Meier, 1160 Bailey Road, Sycamore, Illinois 60178 815 895 4099

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