Daniel B. Moore’s Heorics During Ft. Blakely Assault

angusmcdonald2.jpgI came across the following letter last summer while digging through a box of miscellaneous items belonging to the 11th. Unfortunately I was not able to get the letter into the book, written by Angus McDonald on behalf of Daniel B. Moore regarding his heroics (he would receive the Medal of Honor) during the assault on Fort Blakely in April of 1865:

To his Excellency Lucius Fairchild, Governor of Wisconsin

I would respectfully represent, that on the 9th Day of April, 1865, at the assault on Fort Blakely Ala and when only Sergt. Daniel B. Moore and myself were inside the rebel works, I was brought down by a revel shot and overpowered by superior numbers, when Sergt. Moore seeing my condition gallantly cut his way to my assistance shooting a rebel soldier who was in the act of thrusting me the second time with his bayonet, and then clubbing his musket he fought gallantly over me until the enemy was forced to surrender.

In view of these facts, I would respectfully request your Excellency to confer such honors on Brevet 1st Lt. Daniel B. Moore late Sergt. of Co. E 11th Wis Inf as your Excellency mat judge to be commensurate with his gallantry.

I have the honor to be sir your Excelleny’s most obedient Servant, Angus R. Macdonald.

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